Razed & Confused

After several weeks of stripping out and salvaging every reusable scrap, ‘Demo Dave’ and his lads managed to completely clear the extensions either side of the original house. The transformation is incredible, and it is very clear now just how grand the place must have been when it was built. South and East Elevations… The […]

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New Electrics

The electric supply for the house entered underground through a cellar under the scullery – a part of the building facing impending demolition. The industrial kitchen equipment, laundry and lift meant that the house was supplied from a 415v 3-phase supply…   We decided to move the incoming supply to enter directly under the front […]

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Week 2/3 – Back to Basics

In its nursing Home configuration, most of the large rooms had been partitioned off into smaller bedrooms or bathrooms, using wooden stud walls and double thickness plaster boarding. It was quite an eye opener just how much material had to come out. This is just wood from stud partitioning, false ceilings and door frames. We […]

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