The Plans

Lynwood was bought with planning permission to convert it into four dwellings – the original building being split into two semi-detached homes, and two new detached homes being built, one on either side. It seemed a shame to split the building, so we raised a planning amendment to keep Lynwood as a single detached residence. The following planning drawings show the stuff which needs to be demolished (in pink), and th stuff which needs to be added (in red).

The Plot

The current planning application shows Lynwood having shared access with South Lynwood, whilst North Lynwood will have private access. We may apply for a separate driveway, but being in a Conservation Area, this may not be possible.


The Front

The ‘front’ of the property was actually intended to be the side, and includes a modest panelled door which would have originally served as the ‘tradesmen’s entrance’.


South Elevation

The grander, main entrance is actually on the south elevation, and is currently completely obscured by an extension added during the house’s incarnation as a children’s home. We intended to install arched double doors, with stained glass panels, in order to try and restore some grandeur to the main entrance.



At the back, we intend to get rid of the massive fire escape, and reinstate a French door to give access to the garden.


North Elevation

The original garage, which later served as the main office for the care home, will be demolished for the new-build house on that side. We have to make-good a number of openings that lead into the office and dining room areas, as well as a first floor opening currently providing access to the stair case.


Ground Floor

A number of partition walls have been added over the years, to create additional living quarters for the care home. It is the intention to remove these, and restore the house as close to its original configuration as possible – one exception being the opening up of the two rooms at the rear to create a large ‘family-room’. The main task will be to remove the passenger lift, which occupies the main stairwell. Once removed, a new flight of stairs will be installed to match the originals as best as possible.

Ground Floor.JPG

First Floor

As per the ground floor, the additional partition walls will be removed. The main feature of the first floor will be the large oriel window on the half landing of the staircase.First Floor.JPG

The Cellars

No major change here. The cellar under the original scullery will have to go, as it encroaches under the boundary with the new property. It is also the part of the house where the electricity supply is fed in to, so this cable will need relocating.


The Loft

Not much to report here either. The lift access room will no longer be required, so this room will be knocked into the old nurses kitchen to make a large spare bedroom. The L-shaped bedroom at the rear will be retained as-is. Arguably one of the nicest room in the house.


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