We have Lift Off!

One of the most daunting tasks that had to be tackled straight off was the removal of the passenger lift.

The big sticker on the control panel, explaining how to treat for electric shock quickly dispelled any thoughts of DIY…

The lift shaft was visible from an access opening in the loft, but it was a long drop, lined with fireboard, steel cables, pulleys, a hydraulic ram and 415 volts of electricity…


The first quote received was eye-wateringly expensive, threatening to wipe out the first month’s budget in one fell swoop. Fortunately, the lovechild of Fred Dibnah and Grizzly Adams drove over with some mates and had the whole lot out in a just over 4 hours. All on the promise of a McDonald’s sausage and egg breakfast.

The abyss…IMG_8714[1]

Hot Work…IMG_8715[1]

Bye Bye lift…IMG_8716[1]

The departure of the lift brings the promise of some big reveals, as the fireboard and wooden supporting walls can come down next week.

A quick peak behind the lowest fireboard sheet revealed a solid section of wood panelling, and gave a good insight as to how the stairs would have been constructed.


The right hand string has left a lasting dark impression on the wall, indicating a very easy pitch of 31°…IMG_8719[1]

Rather surprisingly, there is also a bricked-up door opening leading from the cloakroom into the lift shaft. On first glance, this looks like it would have given access to a stair down into the cellar, but there is no cellar beneath this particular part of the house, just a crawl space. Perhaps it was a used as a wine store?..IMG_3856

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