Lynwood or Bust

Well, we finally completed the purchase of Lynwood Nursing Home on Tuesday 25th April 2017.

lynnwood 5

Our big plan is to transform the 22 bedroom nursing home back to its former glory as a detached, six bedroom Victorian Villa.

It’s been a long time coming, but we can’t wait to get started…



3 thoughts on “Lynwood or Bust

  1. This is excellent news that this beautiful building will be a family home, good luck with the build, I hope there are many more well preserved finds ahead.
    My family has lived on mersey rd since the 1980’s & they say SIr Matt Busby bought Lynwood as a children’s home for the nuns to run!

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  2. Mike, I’ve just looked at the website! AMAZING, WONDERFUL WORK BEING DONE!
    You must wonder what treasures you are going to unearth next!
    Some of the sisters who ran ‘Mt Carmel’ are still around and they will be so interested. I’ll keep them posted. Keep up the good work – it will be a fabulous home eventually.
    Sr. Austin


    1. Thanks so much. We’ve got some real hard workers doing the day shift on the house, and progress is good. I’m sure we’ll have some kind of open day when we move in, and invite guests from Mount Carmel and the nursing home eras.


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