WEEK 1 – The Strip Out Commences


Getting Stuck In

Having had to postpone and delay the builders for the last few weeks, we managed to get going on Tuesday with an assembled team of four crowbar-wielding super humans. Like a tramp into a kipper, they got straight on to the hard work, and within four days almost all of the internal partition walls had been removed and piled up high in the bedrooms of the soon-to-be-demolished extensions.

The Lounge

The single biggest transformation occurred on the ground floor, where a dark corridor and two small bedrooms have been opened up to reveal a spectacular lounge, with stained glass windows enveloping what will be a superb fireplace. The revealed bay window lets an incredible amount of light in to the room. The high ceilings and ornate cornice are in great condition, and short of a bit of TLC, a rewire and new radiators, the room isn’t far off being re-decorated!

Stud wall coming down…


Window revealed…IMG_3818

Will have to find a nice fireplace to fill this space..


Stained glass, one of only two windows remaining in the house…


Family Room

A corridor wheelchair ramp into the south extension had to be removed, as it is no longer required and the floor needs to be levelled off for the Family Room. A nice brick arch is hiding up above the lintel, where a window would have been originally. The grey wallpaper covers the old chimney opening, so we’ll try and reinstate something suitable there…


Getting Ready for the Demolition

The many openings into the extensions have to be knocked back to bare brick, so that they can be built up and sealed off for security once the demolition of the extensions is underway. Most of these openings have been prepared, and hopefully next week will see a bricklayer on site, breeze-blocking up the internal brick leaf. The external leaf will require a good deal of brick-matching, and can only be done once the extensions are down.

This opening is into the lounge from the conservatory, but it will eventually feature a window into the family room /kitchen…IMG_3786

This opening will be bricked up and become part of the north gable wall, so we’ll be trying to get the bricks matched as best as possible. The wall are solid (no cavity) and 14″ thick on the ground floor…IMG_3787

The current set of stairs come up through this opening, but this will be bricked up, and the corridor will become part of the master bedroom. The stud walls of the corridor are already down…IMG_8733[1]

By the end of the first week, we even had a couple of rooms stripped of paper. It was very pleasing that the walls seem to be very solid, and have even been skimmed in the not-too-distant past. Just a bit of filling and sanding required…


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