Bello Terrazzo

The original main entrance to the house was located on the south elevation, perpendicular to the road. There would have been a large turning circle in front of this entrance, and a wooded area beyond.


The woodland gave way to a terrace of four town houses some time in the 1960s, and the turning circle became one of the side extensions.

South Elevation, the main entrance now covered by an extension…DSC01233

From inside the ornate brick opening is still on show, and in great condition, especially considering the wheelchair traffic it would have seen. They must have been expertly pushed. The carpeted ramp allowed the wheelchairs to be pushed through the porch and up a set of steps to the hall…DSC01257

‘Goalpost’ architrave detail on the internal face of the main door…DSC01258

Looking from the hall, down the ramp towards the front door. There will be external double doors on the opening at the bottom of the ramp, and a second set of glass doors installed in the larger opening, below the spindled archway… DSC01260

Time to take the ramp up, and see what lies beneath. Suggestions of a red and black pattern…IMG_3550

The Big Reveal

Beautiful terrazzo floor. A bit of light damage that will need repair, but all in all, a wonderful find..


2 thoughts on “Bello Terrazzo

  1. Hope you are not planning to call the house Bello Terrazzo – only native plants remember!! Guess the romans brought over half of what is in our gardens anyway when you think about it

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