Week 2/3 – Back to Basics

In its nursing Home configuration, most of the large rooms had been partitioned off into smaller bedrooms or bathrooms, using wooden stud walls and double thickness plaster boarding. It was quite an eye opener just how much material had to come out.

This is just wood from stud partitioning, false ceilings and door frames. We are hoping the wood fairies will come and take it away…


The disposal of plasterboard with general waste has now been outlawed, due to it releasing hydrogen sulphide gas, so we are having to separate it all out. Unfortunately, plasterboard disposal is paid for by weight, so we did our best to keep it dry (not so easy in the North West of England). The tarpaulin and carpet seemed to do the trick…IMG_8925

More plasterboard waiting for a new skip…IMG_3948

The carpets were all glued down on to plywood backing, which made them tough going, but a few trailer loads to the tip soon got rid of the pile of pile…


The bedrooms in the soon-to-be-demolished extensions proved to be good holding areas for segregated waste, ready to launch out of the windows and into skips on the front…IMG_3869IMG_3870

Although this tactic proved to be a bit hit and miss…IMG_3986

So, after all that waste disposal, we started to get a good idea of how the house would have been originally configured.

Hall and stairwell
Lounge (was two bedrooms)
Drawing Room (was a bedroom and a ramped corridor)
Drawing Room
Utility Room
Bedroom 1 (was two bedrooms)
Bedroom 2 (was a bedroom and a hydrotherapy room)
Bedroom 3
Master Bedroom (was two bedrooms and a corridor)
Bedroom 5 in the loft. This was split down the window into a kitchen, and a plant room for the lift.

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