“Winter is Coming”

With it being Spring, and the start of the nesting season, Week 3 saw an Ecologist on site to inspect for any signs that birds may have taken up residence in the building or its extensions.

As much as we didn’t want to see the project delayed (nesting birds could put a stop on the demolition until September), we didn’t want to forcibly evict any feathered friends either. Fortunately, we got the all clear that same day, which was a relief.

The plastic owl guarding our roof top had obviously been doing his job.  You can just make out a tiny dot on the corner of the middle extension…


Looks quite cute, peeking over the ridge…IMG_3492

I decided to climb up and get him down, and it was slightly more menacing, up close and personal…IMG_3913

Ironically, later that afternoon, a smashed egg appeared outside the house, and a brief panic set in, until it was reported that a magpie had been causing havoc in a tree down the road, stealing off with an egg, and dropping it on our driveway.


With the bird survey successful, and the bat survey already done and dusted, we were given the official go-ahead for demolition.

With all the foreboding of Ned Stark, our brickie warned us that “Winter is Coming”. The hatches were battened, drawbridges raised, and breeze blocks walls put in place in all the openings through to the extensions. None Shall Pass…


Hopefully the house will survive the impending visit of “Demo Dave“. Watch this space.

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