New Electrics

The electric supply for the house entered underground through a cellar under the scullery – a part of the building facing impending demolition.

The industrial kitchen equipment, laundry and lift meant that the house was supplied from a 415v 3-phase supply…



We decided to move the incoming supply to enter directly under the front steps and into the old larder in the cellar. The mini-digger was called in, and a suitable trench excavated…DSC01754

The existing cable was protected by a run of substantial ‘electric ‘ bricks. Far more reassuring than the plastic warning tape used nowadays…DSC01752


5 inch dcting was laid on a bed of sand in the trench, and a pull cord installed, ready for the board to come and do a live switch over. Was a bit tricky getting the ducting in the estate car. ..DSC01758

The 90° bend had the turning circle of an ocean-going container ship, so I had to opt for two 45° bends..DSC01757DSC01756

Quite fortuitously, the ducting popped out between the cold slabs of the larder, meaning that they didn’t have to be removed. These shall make a perfect store for the Christmas beers…IMG_3981

The new switches and fuse board, although substantial, looked slightly less industrial than its predecessor…IMG_4262

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