Demolition of the Scullery, Conservatories and Dining Room

With the Section 80 Application all signed off, week four saw Demo Dave rock up with his Digger, ready to tear the place up…IMG_3985

This all promised to be very exciting, but it wasn’t long before the demo team realised that the extension on the right of our house was an old garage constructed with a steel frame. The JCB would not be able to nibble away at such a building, so the guys spent the week next few weeks stripping the building by hand. It was great to see how much was salvaged from the site, from floorboards and sarking to joists, rafters, steel and bricks.


There was a huge collection of nut shells under the floor of the dining room. The squirrels  had obviously made themselves at home… IMG_4034IMG_4035

Making progress…IMG_4054

A brief glimpse into the cellar – this chamber soon to be back-filled…IMG_4065

It’s a good job we put those breeze blocks in…



Tiles on tiles on tiles…IMG_4104

Last but not least, the modern stairwell addition was about to bite the dust… IMG_4133

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