Razed & Confused

After several weeks of stripping out and salvaging every reusable scrap, ‘Demo Dave’ and his lads managed to completely clear the extensions either side of the original house. The transformation is incredible, and it is very clear now just how grand the place must have been when it was built.

South and East Elevations…

The original entrance finally exposed, rather unconventionally on the side of the house.



South Elevation…

The fire escape still needs to be taken down.



View from the rear…

Looks surprisingly narrow with the extensions taken away.IMG_4377


West and North Elevations…

The horizontal bands of plaster are stuck fast to courses of decorative facing bricks that circumvent the house. Unfortunately a course of plinth bricks was also hacked off when the wall was plastered, but we are hoping to find something suitable to replace these.IMG_4376


North and East Elevations…

The openings into the extensions have been breeze-blocked up for security, but require a fair deal of attention to make-good.


The large opening midway up on the left is believed to have been an impressive stained-glass oriel window.  More recently it was a corridor into the extension, and now houses plastic roof panels as a temporary weather proofing fix. To the layman, there is little evidence to suggest whether this window was a bay or bow, or even flush with the wall. We think the extension was put up around 1961, when the house was purchased by the Catholic Children’s Rescue Society, but we have been unable to find any photographs to show how it how it would have looked before then.




We did have concerns that the porch would be quite dark, but after removing tiles and plaster from what was a bathroom, we have uncovered an elegant arched brick opening above the main entrance doors…


There is also a sandstone surround over the front door, which presumably corbeled out to support a canopy. Unfortunately, this has been hacked off flush when the extension was put up…


So great having a digger in your front garden…IMG_3985

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